How to prepare your comic for digital format

Digital comics are more popular, and easier than ever before. If you want to sell your comic on, you have several digital format options.

  1. PDF – Convert your art to a standard PDF file. Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, or freeware can convert your scanned comic to a PDF. PDF files are easy to create, but they will be larger file sizes than the formats below
  2. ZIP – Create a compressed ZIP file containing your individual comic pages as either .PNG, .JPG, or .BMP image files. IMPORTANT name your files with a sequential numbering, so they appear in the right order. For example use names “Page01.jpg”, “Page02.jpg”, … “Page 10.jpg”
  3. RAR – Created the same as a ZIP file, but using RAR compression
  4. CBZ – A CBZ file is a popular comic archive file. All you have to do to create a ZIP file and then rename it. For example rename to myComic.cbz, and you’ve created a CBZ file
  5. CBR – A CBR file is like a CBZ, but it is created by renaming a RAR file to CBR

Any of these options work for uploading your digital comic to, but the best choice is as compressed file such as ZIP, RAR, CBZ, or CBR, as these provide the same content to readers with smaller file sizes.

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