Become a vendor

If you’re a comic book writer or artist, and you’ve created original comic books or graphic novels, you can sell digital copies at provides you an easy to use storefront with no costs or obligations. You will receive 75% of all your sales, minus $0.30 per-transaction Paypal fee.

Follow these easy steps:

Step 1:  Sign up for an account.  Click on My Account, enter email, a password, and check the box, Apply to become a vendor?

Step 2:  After approval, Click on Your Vendor Dashboard, then Add New Product

Step 3:  In the Add new product page.  Type in your comic title and/or issue number under Product name.  Type a description for your comic.  Check the Downloadable box.  Next to Regular price ($) enter the price in USD.  Next click on Add file button, to upload your comic, remember first prepare your comic for a digital format, then select and upload your file.  Click on Set product image, to upload the main comic image. The main comic image should be the cover or page art you want shown on Discount-comics storefront.  Click on Add product gallery images to add additional art or sample pages, which will show up when someone clicks on your comic to learn more.  Check applicable Product categories and finally click the blue Publish button.  After approval, your comic will appear on Discount-comics storefront.

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